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The purpose of this Pernety Special Contest (Psc)
is to compose a song with a given theme.

  • The theme is : "LA MER" (the sea).
  • you have to make a song that illustrates in your own way the given theme.
  • the song must be an original composition (rippers will be disqualified).
  • song duration must be no more than 5 minutes 47 seconds.
  • format : mp3, wav, mod, xm, audio CD, tape. 
  • or DAT, DCC, MiniDisc only if you can provide the hardware.

The deadline is Tuesday, 27th July 1999.

you must come with your production before 21:00. Or send it to the organizers before July, 26th.

Help Download Section:

If you need an easy to use multitrack, try:

MultiQuence (require MS-Window)

If you need to generate sound try:

for MS-Dos/Windows:
lot of softs (see section soft synths...)

for linux: