Mods Compos are little competitions open to everybody.

The goal is to compose some tunes, named modules, with a software named a tracker.

You can find trackers in the net without effort. The two most used in our competition are: Fast Tracker II (for PC, shareware) Small Micro Startup help to use FT2 (in french)
ProTracker (for Amiga, freeware)
In fact it is nearly like arranging some samples on a grid playing each sample with a certain tone.

Here, you can find information about past and future competitions:

The Paris V (not online: so big and so weird)
The Paris'97 (chip compo)
The Paris'98
The Pernety I
The Pernety II
The Pernety III
The Pernety IV
The Pernety V (tic pouet compo)
The Pernety VI
The Pernety VIII (SPEED your mind: will be close the 5/10/99)


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